The Stone Crock Is Reopening!

"Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis!"

We have spent many nights discussing the best things about the Stone Crock, our place in the community, what we interpret that to mean and what we yearn for as local chefs celebrating our roots and our historic and rich regional cuisine. We are proud to share with you our findings in the form of a reimagined yet familiar restaurant at the Stone Crock!

We won't reveal all our secrets yet, but the buffet is gone, the paint brushes are out and the menu is set and chock full of traditional German and Swiss dishes with plenty of our own interpretations of foods that really schmeck! 🇩🇪

We will open in early October, in the meantime we'll keep sharing as we go including opportunities for you to win a chance to dine on us on opening night!

Let's all raise a glass to what's been an amazing 45 years as we look forward with excitement at the years to come! 🍻 Prost!



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